About us

About Us

A Dedicated Team Of Technology Experts That Makes Technology Work for Your Business

Suruchetech is a domestic division of CDN Solutions Group. We believe that our nation is different and consists of so many opportunities that should be treated differently with our unique and unmatched IT solutions that is why SurucheTech came into existence in the year 2016 to serve our people differently.

We as a team are enthusiastic as you to make tech-empowered development solutions that couldn't only uplift your business but change the world. Over the span of more than 20+ years, we have helped so many organizations sway a large number of individuals across the globe.


Our Vision

What we achieve



Build seamless tech solutions, make our products and services sustainable, build an inventive and diverse team, and have a beneficial outcome in the communities where we live and work.



Our vision is simple to assist you with accomplishing your objectives by helping our domestic clients through various challenges in your digital transformation journey as your tech partner.



6 years of market existence and 100+ projects successfully delivered in India.


Surajit Mitra & Chetan Naik

Founder and Co-Founder of CDN Solutions Group

Suruche is a domestic division of CDN Solutions Group. Suruche specializes in web and mobility solutions that are designed and developed to handle the needs of businesses in India.