Xamarin is an open-source platform for building new-age apps for all the frameworks iOS, Android, and Windows with DotNET.

React Native

It allows you to make genuinely native applications and doesn't mull overt clients' experience. It combines react, a JavaScript library, to build the user interface.


It is an open-source framework by Google designed to build apps from a single codebase.


It is an open-source SDK application development toolkit for building new age, top-quality web, and mobile apps.

Hybrid App

Hybrid Mobile App Development services

Hybrid Mobile App Development Systems are used to overcome any issues between native and web applications. It guarantees web development speed while additionally giving a customized client experience through native Smartphone application development. These Hybrid Mobile Applications works with a mix of web protocols and principles like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. You can likewise introduce them and run them inside a container similarly to a native application. We should analyze what makes a hybrid application, an extraordinary mobile application development:

  • It covers iOS just as android application development highlights.
  • You can apply parts (utilized by native UI) to the current application's code without composing it over and again.
  • Utilizing different Add-ons, you can oversee both software and equipment highlights.
  • On top of every one of these, it offers a mind-blowing and seamless client experience.
Our Hybrid Development Solutions include:
  • Hybrid Mobile App Design
  • Hybrid Mobile App development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Support and maintenance

Surajit Mitra & Chetan Naik

Founder and Co-Founder of CDN Solutions Group

Suruche is a domestic division of CDN Solutions Group. Suruche specializes in web and mobility solutions that are designed and developed to handle the needs of businesses in India.