Software Development

Software Development

Custom Software Development Company

As a leading Custom Software Development Company, we develop customer-centric products that help faster and reliable business development and drive genuine business worth to our clients.

Make Operations Simpler With Agile Custom Software Development

Agile Custom Software Development Solutions compromises consistent planning, learning, advancement, team cooperation, transformative turn of events, and on-time delivery. It upholds responses to modification. The simple and productive technique to change an idea for a business requirement into a robust software solution is known as Agile Custom Software Development.

It empowers the software to be delivered in accentuations that further develop execution by permitting teams to find and address inadequacies and adjust expectations on schedule. This strategy lessens the danger of mistakes, cost invades, and changes and alterations to add additional functionality. Custom Software Development is the most chosen business decision on the grounds that the chance of its success presents incredible potential.





Customer Interaction


Business Automation


Effective applications


Saves money


Easy Maintenance


Cross platform capabilities


Maximum Profit and revenues


Accommodates expandability with ease

Software Development

Our Custom Software Development Services

Being an award-winning custom Software Development Company, SurucheTech offers a diverse range of software development services that match the corporate culture. Our software developers and experts deal with the customer's each and every demand just to make an unmatched and full functionality custom software adequately skilled to demonstrate the utility worth across various niches under the financial plan.

SurucheTech has a wide range of capabilities in creating, executing, and delivering customized software applications by means of the trending devices and tech-advances after firm where it counts examination and investigation is our method of functioning as a custom software development company.

Business/Enterprise Software Development

Our developers have strong abilities and profound mastery in building custom business software for different industry verticals. Our involvement with Business Process Management, Finance and Accounting, Manufacturing, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration, and other verticals allows us to deliver custom software solutions that make it simpler for customers to uplift their organizations.

ERP Software Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions can cover a ton of organizational functions; assist you with working together viably across the departments;render continuous data about your business, feature areas for development, and guarantee you conform to laws and guidelines all from one spot. Since everybody is on the same platform, the reasonable ERP Software Solution helps employee morale by working on activities and further developing efficiency and productivity.

Custom Software Product Development

We are proficient at building software products; our software will market quicker and performs better because of a tried and tested advancement technique. We foster products that will meet your necessities and stay simple to manage in long run. Our development team can assist you with developing the client base quickly with the help of customer-centric, and user-friendly software solutions. We are proficient in the fast pace and always changing environment conditions and have extensive experience in commercial product development for all types of organizations across the globe.

Professional Software Solutions

Organizations frequently need fast solutions for issues of data exchange, software tools that work on simplifying the processes, for better communication with customers, interface with seller EDI. SurucheTech has more than 2 decades of involvement in the software development field. We have saved a large number of worker hours via digitalizing ordinary tasks and disentangling muddled multi-step processes.

Desktop App Development

Desktop App Development becomes possibly the most important factor when a cloud solution is impossible. Assuming you are interfacing with local hardware or equipment, have intermittent web network, or essentially need a quicker interface that lives on the user PC desktop software is frequently the main choice. SurucheTech has been developing desktop App Development solutions. Our team has kept on supporting inheritance systems and we frequently develop desktop interfaces to our cloud software.

Embedded Systems Software Development

SurucheTech offers embedded systems and devices, interfaces development, custom driver advancement, and elite execution applications design.

Saas Solution Development

Suruche Tech delivers a full-cycle SaaS model software development, deployment, and maintenance. Our custom software services incorporate product advancement, memberships, and subscriptions to the executives, end-user support, and DevOps. SurucheTech engineers, developers, and designers have planned SaaS systems that currently have clients in large numbers.

Software Consultancy services

SurucheTech provides all types of software consulting whether you are a B2B or B2C organization. Our Custom Software consulting solutions help assess and enhance the efficiency of technology-enabled business processes.



Hire Software Developer

Hire a Software Developer from us if you are seeking to develop software that can streamline your business processes, enhance customer relationships, and most importantly automate all your business processes. We have a team of software developers who are excelled in their fields and are holding more than 5 years of experience.


Surajit Mitra & Chetan Naik

Founder and Co-Founder of CDN Solutions Group

Suruche is a domestic division of CDN Solutions Group. Suruche specializes in web and mobility solutions that are designed and developed to handle the needs of businesses in India.